sexual desire

sexual desire
Synonyms and related words:
an universal wolf, andromania, anger, animus, aphrodisia, appetence, appetency, appetite, appetition, ardency, ardor, biological urge, bodily appetite, carnal desire, choice, command, conation, conatus, concupiscence, coveting, craving, curiosity, decision, desideration, desire, determination, discretion, disposition, drive, eagerness, eromania, eroticism, eroticomaniac, erotism, erotomania, excitement, fancy, fantasy, fervency, fervidity, fervidness, fervor, fleshly lust, free choice, free will, furor uterinus, goatishness, gynecomania, hope, horme, horniness, hot blood, hot pants, hunger, inclination, indecency, infantile sexuality, intellectual curiosity, intention, itch, itching, lasciviousness, libidinousness, libido, liking, love, lust, lust for learning, lustfulness, mania, mind, need, nymphomania, objective, passion, pleasure, pleasure principle, polymorphous perversity, prurience, pruriency, resolution, satyriasis, satyrism, sexual longing, sexual passion, thirst, thirst for knowledge, urge, velleity, venereal appetite, volition, want, wanting, will, will and pleasure, will power, wish, wish fulfillment

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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